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From the evolution of digital transformation for the C-suite, through architecting your organization’s future, to the nitty-gritty of optimizing your current state for agility – Transform 2022 promises to deliver relevant knowledge, wisdom, and a wealth of war stories for anyone at the intersection of business and IT.


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Magic, Totem & Treasure

Robert Kuijvenhoven: Enterprise Architect, Gocos

Robert will share how his unique approach to enterprise architecture has led to success at organizations including Sligro and Heijmans. Let’s build an architecture ‘totem’ together — and with a sprinkle of magic, help you to find the true ‘treasure’ within your organization.

Creating a Blueprint for Expansion Success with Pon.Bike

Bas Huis in ‘t Veld: Architect, Pon.Bike

Hear from Architect, Bas Huis in ‘t Veld, how Pon.Bike has been successfully working with BlueDolphin to expand factory operations across Europe. In a project spanning two phases, Pon.Bike have successfully replicated an extremely effective factory set-up in the Netherlands to a new expansion site in Germany. In this session you’ll hear details of how Pon.Bike approached this project, their key learnings, and how using BlueDolphin enabled them to realize the project faster, more effectively and with lower costs.

Developing EA Maturity: A Case Study from Healthcare

Hendrik Jan van den Akker and Daniël Woning: Enterprise Architects, Isala

Technological innovation, evolving customer demands and increasing healthcare costs are driving a shift in the healthcare landscape. Hear from Enterprise Architects, Hendrik Jan van den Akker and Daniël Woning, at Dutch hospital Isala, how they’re developing their EA maturity towards Managed Architecture capabilities, so that Isala can embrace digital and technology enablers and remain relevant in the healthcare ecosystem of today and tomorrow.

Running an Effective Enterprise Architecture in an Evolving Industry

Dr. Sander Meijer: Global Lead Enterprise Architect, Royal BAM Group

Transformation at the organizational level is one thing, but what about when your entire industry is completely transforming? Sander will share his experiences at Royal BAM Group, international leaders in construction, and how his multinational team is guiding the development of BAM’s digital transformation.

Creating Customer Value: VolkerWessels transformation program

Mark Samwel: Business Architect, VolkerWessels Infra Competence Center

In a rapidly evolving industry, leading construction and infrastructure organization VolkerWessels needed to transform, fast. Enter their digital transformation program: NEXT. With a mission to increase value to the customer, reduce cost, and improve project control, the NEXT program is maximizing VolkerWessels’ digital competence. In this session, Mark Samwel will take you through the inner workings of the NEXT program to share inspiration and best practices you can take back to your own organization.

Want to Build Organizational Resilience? Prioritize Innovation.

Rob Hendriks: CIO, Rijksmuseum

See and hear how Amsterdam’s most famous cultural institution created new business models during the pandemic. Something about launching a complete digital twin?
Join us for a mesmerizing walk-through of the Rijksmuseum’s most beloved masterpieces, and hear first-hand how taking a business capability approach to your architecture can make the difference between surviving or thriving in the age of digital transformation.

Kicking Off Collaboration with BlueDolphin

Rafael Bakker: Business Consultant

Collaboration — a vital foundation for successful enterprise architecture. In this session, Rafael will take you through some of BlueDolphin’s core collaboration capabilities

Designing and Executing Agile Project & Initiative Delivery

Tom de Ridder: BlueDolphin Evangelist

The concept of ‘agile’ project delivery is nice in theory, but how achievable is this really? BlueDolphin’s Lead Evangelist Americas, Tom de Ridder, discusses some of the ways we as architects can create a more agile and iterative context for continuous delivery.


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