What is Transform 2022?


You may have seen us on social media or via email promoting our flagship event Transform 2022, but you are not sure what it is This blog post is designed to help you understand what you can expect out of the event, descriptions of each track topic, and highlights of some of the experts you will see there.

Transform 2022 is an event designed to suit the needs of any key stakeholder in the digital transformation process. From C-level business leaders, expert architects, to everything in between there’s value in it for you. Thought leaders and industry experts throughout the space gather to host insightful sessions and interactive workshops.

About the Tracks

Our four morning tracks are hosted live at the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam, while the three afternoon tracks are live as well as streamed so anyone anywhere can attend. All these sessions are mix and match, allowing attendees to personalize their agenda to meet their needs.

Morning Track One- Swimming in the Right Direction: Evolving the EA Mindset

Our first track is for anyone who plays a role in an organization’s transformation efforts. It focuses on enterprise architecture at a strategic level, meaning whether you’re a BlueDolphin user or not, there’s value in it for you. Some examples of topics we’ll cover are:

· Laying the foundations for organizational change

· Creating better alignment between business and IT

· Safeguarding the impact and results of transformation initiative


Designing and Executing Agile Project & Initiative Delivery

In this session, Ridder delves into agile project delivery and how architects can create more iterative context for delivery including:

· Setting up guard rails for projects (baselines, principles, goals)

· Connecting capabilities to projects

· Integrating designs with APM tools

· Delivering lean designs that still meet standards

Morning Track Two – Clicks and Whistles: All About BlueDolphin

Our second track is for anyone currently using or considering using BlueDolphin. This track is designed to bring light to some of our differentiating platform capabilities including collaboration, utilizing architecture view templates. Some highlights of the track include insights into our product vision and how customer feedback is being incorporate into the design.


Building Bridges: Positioning your Enterprise Architecture Role as a Trusted Advisor

In this session, Hofri shares the vision for BlueDolphin in both the near-term and future. Somethings he will touch on are:

· New product features and capabilities

· How we have incorporated customer feedback into the product design

· The future of BlueDolphin and how it fits into the future of EA

Morning Track Three- Strategy to Success: Harnessing the Power of BlueDolphin

Our third track is designed with BlueDolphin users in mind but contains information helpful to anyone who wants real examples of how the platform drives value. This track will feature some use cases and demos that showcase outcomes you can achieve through the platform. Some topic examples include capability mapping, our new ‘questionnaires on relationships’ capabilities, and specific customer use cases.


Capability Mapping to Accelerate Business Transformation

In this session, Storms shows how capability mapping helps business be more agile by:

· Delivering value streams

· Creating bite-sized architecture to avoid complexity

· Helping an organization swiftly respond to change

Morning Track Four – Power-Ups for Power Users

Our last track of the morning is designed specifically for BlueDolphin users. Topics this track will cover are using BlueDolphin’s public API, leveraging DAMA-DBOK to improve Data Management, and security governance tips.


Governance Tips to Enhance Collaboration – Ensuring Happy Dolphins

In this thought-provoking session, Pang takes a closer look at the true value of EA in governance including:

· Building a governance framework and connecting capabilities to projects

· How to take the concept of governance beyond “classic EA”

· How to use BlueDolphin with ‘just enough’ architecture and still meet standards

That is just a quick look at some of our morning tracks with a highlight of a few of the speakers. The workshops are designed to be quick and interactive. After these sessions, there will be a lunch break, along with the opening of the Marketplace, where you can visit a booth to ask an industry.

Afterwards, the afternoon sessions kickoff with the keynote. These sessions will be live streamed so attendees from across the world can tune in! Check out the second part of this blog to read more on what you can expect from Transform 2022 as we go into the second part of the day.

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